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Larimar Pendants

If you're invited out to a summer garden party or wedding, there may be nothing extra gorgeous than a larimar pendant. Larimar pendants have naturally unique designs which convert the vibes of the Caribbean into bespoke jewelry items.

MarahLago, the primary name in Larimar jewelry, matches elegance with type on this shining sterling silver, diamond and Larimar pendant. Due to the unique nature of Larimar, the gemstone color in your piece might differ slightly from those pictured. Our Larimar Jewelry is all real pure colour larimar in handcrafted pendants, necklaces, rings, & bracelets. The Larimar stone used in each piece has its own sample and accommodates completely different hues, various from gentle blue to blue-green, making each and every necklace totally distinctive. As a result, the Larimar on your piece of the jewelry can look barely completely different than the ones seen in the footage of the product description.

We think about these gem stones a true present from nature, and the variation of each piece is precisely what makes these necklaces one-of-a-type. All of our Larimar Jewelry is highly polished till only the very best of each gemstone is delivered to the floor.

The green, brown or pink colors are due to both the presence of different minerals or pigmentation. Most larimar pendants are set in silver but a number of the high-grade larimar is set in gold. Shop genuine larimar pendants handcrafted from pure stones. We carry a variety of Larimar Rings beautiful therapeutic larimar crystal pendants to choose from. TJC is famous for its assortment of larimar pendants online in UK, and to maintain that name ahead within the sport, we provide you essentially the most tantalizing stones.

You’ll find the genuine larimar pendants encrusted within the company of several others precious gems as well, such as zircons, diamonds, garnet, et cetera. All these gems are closely inspected for any irregularity or imperfection. Be assured that you just’ll only get essentially the most gorgeous stones in our assortment.

The pendant is slightly massive than 1 / 4 and the stone is 30 carats. The handcrafted woven fine silver necklace is about 21 inches lengthy. I even have different larimar stones – contact me should you’d like to see those. The high quality grading of larimar is based on the coloration and the depth of color. Apart from its famous blue color it is also out there in inexperienced and even with brown stripes or pink spots.

What better approach to end off an outfit than to have a pendant with the essence of the Caribbean Sea adoring your neck? In truth, it is a stone buffed to shine for the individuals who recognize quaint charms.